Fumigation Box – 2 Tray

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Fumigation Box 2 Tray – up to 500T silo capacity.

For silos that are larger than 500T, view the 4-tray fumigation box.

Designed and developed in 2010 in conjunction with fumigation trials undertaken jointly between Kotzur Pty Ltd and CSIRO.

This unit must only be used with gas tight sealed silos, tested to meet 5 minute pressure half life standard. Ref AS 2628.

Check Grain Fumigation page for further information.


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  • Recirculation is recommended for all silos in excess of 200T capacity.
  • Required phosphine concentration distributed throughout all parts of the silo within 24 hours, as showed by trials conducted by CSIRO.
  • When used in conjunction with Kotzur sealed silos, the units have proved to achieve concentrations at least 3x the minimum required for fumigation for up to 7 weeks. This provides a good margin to ensure extinction of insect populations.
  • The box can be moved from silo to silo after fumigation.
  • Ground level fumigation. Active ingredient and residue handled safely on the ground making the process much safer than fumigating in the silo headspace.
  • Explosion relief panel fitted for operator protection
  • Phosphine tablets are not put into silo. Eliminates risk of fire/combustion in grain.

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Weight 31.3 kg
Dimensions 500 × 550 × 500 cm