Employee Highlight – Ricky’s Story

Employee Highlight – Ricky’s Story

Ricky Moss has been working for Kotzur at its Toowoomba facility for eight years. When he joined the business, Ricky was employed as a Storeperson, and was elevated to Senior Storeperson during his first year. His ongoing use of initiative and skill development has led him to be promoted to Warehouse Coordinator.

Having his Certificate III in Warehousing/Logistics gave Ricky the confidence to hit the ground running when he joined the Kotzur team. During his first year, Ricky implemented a bin-locating system for all the store items and this provided the platform needed to improve inventory accuracy. He feels that this is his most successful achievement at Kotzur, as it took the Toowoomba Warehouse to the next level.

With the basics in place, up-to-date stock takes were established to ensure everything was accounted for, which has become an essential task for the team. Ensuring job materials are issued in a timely manner helps to keep the Store’s inventory live and create a reliable working Warehouse.

During the recent relocation of Kotzur’s Toowoomba manufacturing facility, Ricky played an integral role in relocating the Warehouse. Under his supervision, the Warehouse continued operating without any downtime during the move, something he is proud to be a part of.

Ricky appreciates the freedom and trust that Kotzur has placed in his abilities, it gave him the space and confidence to implement the strategies and procedures to build a successful and efficient store area. After performing in the Senior Storeperson role for several years, Ricky was given extra responsibility as his experience and knowledge grew, placing him in the ideal position to be promoted to Warehouse Coordinator.

As the Warehouse Coordinator, Ricky is responsible for numerous tasks essential to the department’s smooth running. These roles include inventory control, dispatch of materials, the receival of incoming goods, transport/logistic coordination, stocktake, purchasing of stock, coordinating stores, and planning store related tasks.

Ricky enjoys the challenges each day brings, as each day is a little different. His advice to anyone considering taking on a role in the industry is to conduct plenty of research on the products you are working with, take plenty of notes along the way, and be willing to take on the information and guidance others give you.