Our Capabilities

Leading storage solutions

Kotzur silos provide leading storage solutions to mining and heavy industry.

Unique solutions for different materials

Our extensive experience storing and handling challenging bulk solids such as ammonium nitrate, calcium carbonate, soda ash, sand and cement ensure Kotzur can engineer a solution based on the needs of your project. Kotzur specialise in designing unique solutions for many different products.

Extensive Testing

For one off and non-standard materials, Kotzur undertake detailed materials testing to accurately determine the characteristics of your product to ensure:

Safe storage, Reliable flow and output, Gentle handling to minimise damage, Dust suppression, Efficient clean out.

From concept to completion

Kotzur’s project management capabilities can look after your project from concept to completion. The design and drafting team is supported by computer aided drawing capacity and qualified engineering staff to meet your site specific requirements.

Independent certifying engineers

Our design process is also supported by independent certifying engineers to ensure that all designs meet civil, structural, wind, and earth quake loads to suit the diverse requirements found across different regions and countries. We have provided silos and equipment throughout Australia as well as South West Pacific, Asia and Africa.