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Kotzur K Rail is a versatile fencing product that provides stock handling solutions to a variety of applications.

Available in two widths of 160mm and 230mm and 5 thicknesses K Rail is suitable for stock yards, holding pens, stock crates and rural and domestic fences.

K Rail is produced with Z450 galvanised coating for long term protection with a low maintenance finish and manufactured from high tensile steel. K Rail is easy to install and can be welded or screwed into position. K Rail is available in 6m lengths as standard or cut to length to suit post spacing’s or unique installations. It can also be rolled to suit curved applications such as Bugle yards or shaped on site as needed.

K-Rail Product Brochure


  • Available in 5 thicknesses and 2 widths
  • Standard Z450 Galvanised coating, Colorbond painted finish optional (minimum order quantity of 29t applies)
  • Suitable for stock yards, rural-domestic fencing, entrances
  • Made from High Tensile steel – light weight but very strong
  • Rolled edges and wide rail means people and stock friendly
  • Highly visible for good stock movement
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Available in standard 6m lengths or special lengths to your requirements
  • Proven over 15 years in all environments


Standard K-Rail 165mm wide (nom) Mass kg/m Meters per Tonne
0.6 Galvanised 1.16 862
0.8 Galvanised 1.48 673
1.0 Galvanised 1.80 556
1.2 Galvanised 2.10 476
1.6 Galvanised 2.80 355
K-Rail Plus 225mm wide (nom) Mass kg/m Meters per Tonne
0.6 Galvanised 1.47 680
0.8 Galvanised 1.88 525
1.0 Galvanised 2.29 434
1.2 Galvanised 2.67 371

*Note 0.6 K-Rail & K-Rail Plus available in Off-White. Other colours may be available on request.

Advanages of K-Rail

Made from high tensile steel, Kotzur K-Rail is strong but light-weight, durable and easy to handle and transport. It is heavily galvanised for long life in harsh environments such as stock yards. Kotzur K- Rail is also very cost effective when compared with similar pipe, mesh or timber yards and is maintenance free – saving you money for years to come.

Kotzur K-Rail is quick and easy to erect using self-drilling screws and a power screwdriver thanks to the wide fixing pan on each side of the profile. Two people can fix the rail for an average set of stock yards or up to a kilometre of 3 rail fence in one day.

For decorative fences Kotzur K-Rail fencing gives the appearance of older style fences but at much less cost and without the need for any maintenance or painting. It is available with a pre-painted finish in a number of colours to suit your needs.

Available in a range of Colorbond colours as well as the popular galvanised option. Other colours may be available on request.

Further Specifications

Kotzur K-Rail is a fencing rail section produced by Kotzur. It is produced from galvanised high tensile steel and is also available in a number of BlueScope Colorbond colours.

Kotzur K-Rail is designed for use in stockyard and rural fencing and is also used in decorative fencing such as house yard fences and farm entrances. It has a number of other uses such as replacements bats for header reels.

Kotzur K-Rail is available in two widths and five different thicknesses to suit various applications and can be purchased in standard 6 metre lengths or custom made to order. The vertical battens which strengthen the rails between posts are also available.