Advancements in Feedlotting

Advancements in Feedlotting

Kotzur’s Managing Director, Andrew Kotzur, recently embarked on a trip to Texas with a valued client to gain insights into feedlotting in the United States.  

The trip assists Kotzur to understand the challenges and opportunities from the client’s perspective and find collaborative solutions. Andrew visited the Panhandle region in northern Texas, including the towns of Amarillo, Hereford, and Dalhart.  

The 1,000 metre plus altitude environment is well suited to intensive cattle feeding with cool summer evenings following hot days. The limited farming capacity means that much of the feed is imported to the region by rail from the mid west. 

There is a similar number of cattle on feed within a fifty mile radius of Hereford as there are in all of Australia. 

Supplying equipment to feedlots in Australia is a significant part of the Kotzur business. To meet customer needs, it is crucial for the company to keep up with the latest advancements in bulk solid storage and handling equipment.