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Seed Silos


Seed silos are designed for the storage of small quantities of grain to be emptied into bags, buckets or grain carts.

Sealed silos are recommended where insect pests present a risk. Contact us for further information on the importance of sealed silos in the drive to control insects and maintain grain free of chemical residue.

  • Fully factory assembled and delivered ready to use.
  • Zincalume walls/roof and galvanized hopper/support structure.
  • Open front with offset cone for easy access to empty.
  • Roof hatches lock down with spring catch.
  • Raised outlet for convenient bagging with standard bagging chute.
  • Ground operated centre lid opening.
  • All silo models can be varied/modified to specific customer requirements.
  • Covered by Kotzur 5 year warranty.
Model Capacity M3 Capacity Wheat(1) T Max Load T(2) Height to Centre M Height to Eave M Nom. Diameter M Outlet Height mm Cone Angle Auger Length(3) M (ft) Footing Plan Style Wide Load Pilots(4)
K4S18 18 15 17 4.9 4.0 3.1 900(5) 32/42° 8.3 (28′) 4 Leg None
K4S24 24 19 22 5.8 4.9 3.1 900(5) 32/42° 9.9 (33′) 4 Leg None
  1. Wheat capacity calculated at 810 kg/m3.
  2. Max. Load based on engineering design. This may not apply to products other than grain.
  3. Auger lengths are indicative only and are based on 40° angle.
  4. Pilot/Escort vehicle requirements may vary in certain locations (e.g. metropolitan areas).