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Drying Silos



The ability to dry grain increases both your harvesting opportunities and your ability to store and market grain at optimum moisture and temperature levels. To avoid deterioration grains must be stored below a certain level – generally below 12% for cereals and 5-9% for oilseeds. However, harvesting grain at higher moisture levels has many advantages…


  • Harvesting earlier reduces in-paddock losses from shedding, bird/rodent damage and harvester losses. Yield losses are typically between 0.5% and 1% per day that harvest is delayed after grain maturity.
  • Increased harvest window. Harvesting can commence sooner, harvesting days are longer and weather interruptions are shorter. All resulting in a shorter harvest time.
  • Higher Quality including superior colour, viability and oil quality (in oil seeds) are achieved by harvesting at higher moisture levels.
  • Direct-heading of crops usually windrowed (swathed) can become a viable option.
  • Cropping in Wetter Climates is now viable in areas where humid harvest weather usually precludes cropping.


Grain crops that have been successfully dried in Kotzur drying silos include: wheat, barley, triticale, canola, maize, corn, popcorn, sorghum, peas, beans, sunflowers….



Generally in-silo drying is slower than a purpose built grain dryer and the moisture at which grain can be put into a silo for drying is limited by relative humidity. Despite this limitation, our system has a number of advantages:

  • Significantly lower capital cost than conventional grain dryers.
  • Lower energy consumption – up to 75% energy saving on conventional drying.
  • Less handling of grain means less labour/equipment therefore lower handling costs.
  • Achieve a desired moisture level. With careful use of outside weather conditions you can raise, as well as lower, moisture levels. Over-dried grain can be as detrimental as grain that is wet.
  • Gentle drying-valuable crops will not be damaged by overheating as they can be by other drying systems. Problems such as grain cracking and loss of germination can be overcome with our system.
  • No screens or perforated floors which can restrict airflow, require cleaning or slow grain discharge. We get maximum airflow with minimum trouble.
  • Extremely fast aeration. Grain cooling can be achieved after drying in a fraction of the time it would take with conventional aeration.

Kotzur has the knowledge and expertise to help you with your grain drying requirements. Our support service will assist you in getting the most from your Drying Silo. For larger silo drying options please ask about our new louvred aeration system for on-ground silos.



The Kotzur drying silo uses a specially developed and patented drying cone/plenum. The air is forced into this plenum and then passes through the grain mass.

Different drying silo models, fan combinations and grain have varying specifications, however the typical airflow is 15-20 litres per second per tonne of grain or a complete change of air in the silo each 25-50 seconds.

This airflow is 10-15 times that achieved using conventional aeration. The plenum design ensures that this air flow is uniform through the grain mass and is not restricted by screens etc.

Model Capacity M3 Capacity Wheat(1) T Max Load T(2) Height to Centre M Height to Eave M Nom. Diameter M Outlet Height mm Cone Angle Auger Length(3) M (ft) Wide Load Pilots(4)
K463DS 63 50 58 7.2 6.0 4.2 600 35° 12.5 (41′) 1
K474DS 74 59 68 8.0 6.8 4.2 600 35° 13.9 (46′) 1
K491DS 91 73 84 8.2 6.9 4.6 600 35° 14.3 (47′) 2
GPE 8-4-35D 154 128 142 9.5 7.8 5.8 700 35° 16.6 (55′) Built on site
GPE 10-4-35D 257 213 236 10.3 8.2 7.3 700 35° 18.0 (59′) Built on site
GPE 10-5-35D 303 251 279 11.4 9.3 7.3 700 35° 19.9 (65′) Built on site
GPE 10-6-35D 349 290 321 12.5 10.4 7.3 700 35° 21.5 (71′) Built on site


  1. Wheat capacity based on typical consolidated/compacted bulk density in silo.
  2. Max. Load based on engineering design. This may not apply to products other than grain.
  3. Auger lengths are indicative only and are based on 35° angle.
  4. Pilot/Escort vehicle requirements may vary in certain locations (e.g. metropolitan areas).



Description Part Number Size Power Requirement
Kotzur 22/17 Single Phase Fan(1) AERATION D 0217 7.5 Kw 50Hz240V/33A or 480V/17A(1)
Kotzur 22/17 3 Phase Fan(1) AERATION D 0218 7.5 Kw 50Hz 415V 3F 13A(1)
Gas Drying Heater Kit(2) K059004 29Kw, 101MJ/Hr 240V/0.75A, LPG 1.5-2.1Kg/Hr(3)
Diesel/Kerosene Drying Heater Kit(2) K059005 27Kw, 97MJ/Hr 240V/1.4A, Diesel 2.5 litres/Hr



  1. Current draw quoted is typical operating current.
  2. Kit includes heater and fan inlet air mixer. Mounting stand for heater is not included.
  3. LPG Consumption shown is minimum to maximum range.