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Rural Silos

The first Kotzur transportable silo was manufactured in 1962. This silo was unique in that it featured the use of continuous galvanised steel to construct one piece bands for the barrel. The company grew quickly with this product and continually developed the design.

The early 1980’s brought signs that on-farm grain storage needs were changing. Kotzur undertook another redesign of their popular silo and in 1985, a new model silo was released. This silo featured a steeper hopper cone for more reliable emptying and the option to seal the silo gas tight.

Since then, the range of silos have been constantly improved and expanded to cover various designs for different applications. Today, Kotzur silos cater for a variety of needs: from small transportable silos holding a few tonnes to large, built on-site structures holding thousands of tonnes; elevated or on ground silos; silos to store grain, prepared feeds, feed supplements, fertilisers and the list goes on….

With our Computer Aided Design and CNC machinery we can manufacture silos to just about any size or dimension to suit your application.

Our aim is to supply to our customers needs.

grain silo

Sealed Silos – Clean, Chemical Free Storage

Sealed grain silos allow you to effectively control insect pests by fumigation without the need for the residual insecticides which can dramatically reduce the marketing opportunities for your grain.

Chemical residues in our food are now a major concern around the world. Most feed grain users now require grain free of chemical residue for their feedlotting or dairy operations. Gas Sealed silos can be easily modified to suit Certified Organic growers using CO2 fumigation regimes.

Silo Safety

In recent years, the issue of safety in grain storage’s has become prominent. Our company participated in the development of a response to the safety issues by being part of the NSW Silo Safety Committee.

We are committed to safe silos, and all our silos incorporate the latest safety features recommended by the various codes. All silos come with an operation manual which highlights safety issues for people responsible for storage management.