Grain Insect Testing Sieve

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Stainless steel with white powder coated catch pan.

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According to GRDC (Grains Research and Development Corporation), the insect sieve is an essential tool to check for pests. Two of Australia’s most common and serious pests, the lesser grain borer and flat grain beetle (also known as rusty grain beetle), tend to hide in grain and can be difficult to detect.

Stored grain expert Philip Burrill says that “The only reliable way to know you have them is to sieve the grain”.

to monitor insect pests with a sieve, take a grain sample from the base of the silo and the top surface of the grain, if it is safe to do so. Take about one-third of a bucket from both locations, sieve the grain, then walk out into the sunlight to look for insects in the sieve base pan.

The next steps are to identify the insects, using theĀ GRDC back pocket guide, and record what is found for each silo checked.

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