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Air Filter Blaster – Portable Unit

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The Air Filter Blaster is a new product for cleaning air filters. It dramatically reduces fuel consumption and air filter replacement on equipment that uses air filters.

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The portable unit is designed to be taken directly into the field or on the road as a portable unit either with a service truck or for dedicated use on a single piece of movable equipment.

The standard portable unit comes with the 6″ rotor head. The standard portable unit will clean filters up to 25 inches tall. A 3″ rotor head is available and is sold separately.

The unit is designed to be taken directly to the field and only requires a compressor with 90 PSI capabilities!


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Watch the Air Filter Blaster in action right here. See how it can:
  • Save you time
  • Save you money
Running your machinery with clean filters can:
  • Reduce Fuel and Oil consumption
  • Improve engine performance and increase engine life!
What is needed to run the Air Filter Blaster?


For optimum performance, a compressed air supply in excess of 90 psi is required. The Air Filter Blaster regulates the supply of air used to ensure that the filter is not damaged during cleaning.


Why is the Air Filter Blaster better than other methods?
  • The Air Filter Blaster is quicker than any other method of cleaning filters – typically less than 60 seconds!
  • Using the Air Filter Blaster is simple! Anyone can use it!
  • The Air Filter Blaster is more effective than other methods, because it does not allow dust to enter inside the filter and it does not damage the filter in the process.
Why can’t I just use compressed air to clean filters?
  • Normal air supplies are in excess of 100 psi – this is enough to create holes, therefore damaging your filter, and allowing dirt/dust into your engine’s air intake, killing your engine’s turbo. Using patented technology, the Air Filter Blaster only allows air streams of 48 psi to act within the filter even when the air supply is in excess of 100 psi.
  • Simply cleaning with a jet of compressed air is time consuming and hap-hazard. It is difficult to know where you have cleaned and where you haven’t. And of course, it takes much longer than 60 seconds.
  • The Air Filter Blaster seals the top of the filter throughout the cleaning process. This prevents dirt and dust entering inside the filter which can get into your engine’s air intake.