Employee Highlight – Ken’s Story

Employee Highlight – Ken’s Story

After spending several years working as an assembly fitter in Kotzur’s Toowoomba factory, Ken is now employed as a trainee draftsperson for the family-owned business.

Ken said he developed a sound knowledge of the different products and how to build them while he was working on the shop floor.

After the occasional visit to different sites and trips to help service Kotzur equipment, Ken established an understanding of the issues an end user might encounter.  With a trade certificate, good product knowledge and a willingness to learn, Ken was well-positioned to transition into a new role when he encountered some life changing events. He said Kotzur was accommodating in providing him with the flexibility for his home life, and didn’t hesitate to sign him up for the training he needed to improve his skills.

Ken’s days are spent creating designs and digital 3D models of Kotzur’s mechanical equipment. These designs are modified to fit different applications and different projects. He then creates the technical drawings the production team use to build the physical product.

He said his diverse team is friendly, welcoming and always willing to answer his questions. For Ken personally, working to develop or improve equipment that supports the grain industry (and others) is satisfying, and at the end of each day, he heads home to be with his family to maintain a fair work-life balance.