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Kotzur Expands Product Range to Include Ziehl-Abegg Technology

Kotzur has recently expanded its product range to include Ziehl-Abegg motorized fan units in their new aeration fan range. These fans have been specially developed for the agricultural sector and are highly efficient thanks to the aerodynamically shaped impeller vanes in combination with the latest EC motor technology.  The new Kotzur VS series grain aeration fan range offers up to 30% savings in power consumption for the equivalent air delivery of existing AC fans. The fan starting and speed control is via 0-10V input with a manual potentiometer, internal or external controller. This eliminates the need for motor starters/contactors and allows for variable air flow rates.
With the ECblue motor is there is virtually no increase in current draw on start-up compared to normal AC induction fan motors (which can draw up to 5  times the rated current on start-up)  Lower power consumption on start-up translates to lower installation costs as wiring and other electrical components will be sized accordingly. Kotzur will maintain the existing AC aeration fan range alongside the new EC motor technology.
For further information contact Kotzur on 07 46 344622 or 02 67 6029 4700

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