Storage & Conveying Facility

Storage & Conveying Facility

Esperance, WA
Grain (Predominately Canola)
1,005T of available wheat storage across 3 silos


Kotzur developed technology to improve harvest and product drying efficiency. The facility offers bulk grain storage with the ability to in-load the silos automatically. Out-loading of the silos was out of scope for this project. Three silos are available for storing canola, each with an approximate capacity of 335T (wheat).


  • Bucket elevator and over-silo drag conveyor allows for automatic in-load of product for storage. This reduces time required to store harvested grain.
  • As the facility is located on the farm site, harvesting can continue with minimal interruptions as product can be loaded in and stored within minutes (client provided truck receiving system).
  • The facility can be operated any time of day, any time of week (24/7 operation). Allowing for round the clock harvest and storage of product, at any time that is convenient.
  • With aeration (to be installed) available, managing and maintaining high moisture product to be stored for long periods of time before being processed is easily achievable.
  • Manual and adjustable out-load silo slide gates allow for a controlled method of emptying the silos when required.