KSI Conveyors

KSI Conveyors

conveyorKSi Conveyors Inc. has partnered with Kotzur to sell KSi equipment in Australia.

In 2000, the founders of KSi Conveyors Inc. developed a patented, cleated belt technology that outperformed conventional augers and conveyors, moving seed at steeper angles and ‘most importantly’ with very little damage to the seed.

Kotzur now make this innovative equipment available to the Australian market with established back up and service Australia wide.

The development aim of KSi was to design a conveyor that would outperform conventional augers and conveyors in terms of material flow speed, maximum degree of operation, and have better material handling. KSi accomplished this goal with the use of the patented cleated belt that moves seed more efficiently than conventional augers, has the ability to perform at an angle up to 40 degrees and can handle material more gently, resulting in very little material damage.

KSi Conveyors are reliably moving seed all across the globe, in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and now Australia.