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High Speed Internet

With the help of Greater Hume Shire and NSW Department of Industry and support from the Walla Walla community, two Walla Walla businesses are now connected to high speed internet.

In May, bulk handling and silo manufacturer Kotzur and St Paul’s secondary college at Walla Walla were awarded funding to bring business grade internet services to Walla Walla via fibre optic cable to achieve access data and VOIP capabilities at 200 Mbps, symmetrical with no data limitations.

grain silos manufacturersThe unique high speed business/carrier grade fibre optic cable based internet was made possible by Commonwealth grant funding under the Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program with the investment expecting to create up to 21 jobs.

The connection to high speed internet went live 28th October, 2015 following installation and testing over the previous two weeks.

Immediately, the connection benefits over 140 employees and almost 300 students.

“It is incredibly fast. As well as providing a high quality internet connection, it also provides us with a seamless link between our manufacturing operations in Walla Walla and Toowoomba“ said Managing Director Andrew Kotzur.

“In turn this new and very fast internet service has the potential to transform Walla Walla into a centre for industrial excellence and create a technological hub in southern NSW which will enable future growth and economic development in the region” added Mr Kotzur.

The unique project involved a partnership between the NSW electricity transmission network operator TransGrid, telecommunications carrier Vertel and fibre optic installers Dunstans Construction Group. The project has resulted in unlimited data upload and download capacity with minimum guaranteed speeds which are not affected by other users.

The connection can be extended to other businesses in the town in the future, with the bandwidth being able to grow significantly to meet future requirements.