Continuous Improvement.... External Wall Stiffeners on Transportable Silos - Kotzur

Continuous Improvement…. External Wall Stiffeners on Transportable Silos

To remain Australia’s leading manufacturer of gastight sealed silos requires constant improvement and development of our wide range of grain silos.
Over the last decade our transportable silos have continued to evolve with increases in size, new and safer ladders and fully ground operated openings and fumigation systems.
Our latest development will improve product flow within the silo and capture manufacturing efficiencies to help offset rising production costs. Kotzur have an external wall stiffening system for their larger transportable silos which will extend the entirely smooth internal wall feature of our large built on site silos to our full range.
This minor change may go unnoticed by the casual observer but we expect it big advantages in silo strength, manufacturing and silo hygiene.

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