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Australia’s Largest Grain Train Rolls Into Port

On December 2nd 2015, Australias’ longest  grain train was making it’s way from North West New South Wales to the Port of Newcastle.

The train was a massive 1.3 km long and was hauling a load of 5000 tonnes of wheat bound for overseas markets. A massive 73 wagons of grain!

To put this in perspective: In Australia a train transporting grain is on average 650 metres in length, has approximately 40 to 42 wagons and carries around 2000 tonnes. So basically this train has more than doubled the Australian average.

We still have a ways to go to catch up with the United States and Canada. Trains can be 3 km long, with up to 100 wagons carrying a whopping 10,000 tonnes!

Now, don’t be confused there have been longer trains in Australia especially for the transport of coal but this is a huge step forward for grain transport in Australia. It will make it more efficient and cost effect for growers and grain trade companies. But aside from this it was quite a sight to see!grain train